Appreciation Post #1 – PH Bookstagrammers

Hey ya! With all the hate and negativity spreading around especially on bookstagram … I felt like we need something positive. With that, I decided to dedicate today’s Sunday Extra to show my appreciation with the people I met on Instagram.

Our little group consists of sixteen drop-dead gorgeous ladies, including myself. Our group’s purpose is to beat Instagram’s algorithm, to help one another to get a better Engagement, and of course, to share our values in life or something like that (in short chikahan lang ganon).

But for me, they are like my sisters … ready to help me and back me up whenever I’m in need. They are like my ray of sunshine *eehhh*


Without any more stalling … let me introduce them to you:


(1 throneofreaders, 2 bibliophilesoprano, 3 thehogsmeadereader, 4 literaryhues, 5 ayreadbooks, 6 lostinafictionalworld, 7 paperimaginings, 8 oldbookpages, 9 witchlingbooks, 10 _thereadingdove, 11 thesetrappedwords, 13 bibliophilemusings, 14 thequeenreads, 15 stylereads_, 16 thenocturnalfey)

I was the last to join their group but I immediately warmed up since they are all nice and were genuinely happy when I joined … I hope. Also, just take a look at their accounts. You’ll surely see how much effort they put to their pictures. So if you please, visit their accounts and give it some la la love. ❤


I kept it brief and just showed their accounts … probably because you’ll be bored with whatever cheesiness I might write and skip this post. So yeahhh … heheh.

Spread the love, book-friends! See you next Sunday for the Appreciation Post Part 2.