How I Rate?

Bonjour, mon ami! If you’re wondering on how I rate the books I’ve read then you’ve come to the right page. I’ve decided to be straightforward and rate them just like the rating system on Goodreads. I’ll just keep it simple like this:

5 Stars: I LA LA LOVE IT.

4 Stars: I LIKE IT!

3 Stars: It’s okay.Β 

2 Stars: I’m done and I don’t want to continue anymore.Β 

1 Star: DNF

I’ve never given any book a low rating besides 3 Stars because I believe that they deserve a chance. Just, not right now. Maybe a few months or years later. Also, some of the reasons why I give 3 stars is probably because of annoying protagonists, insta-love, or weird pacing.

So that’s it? πŸ™‚ Yas.