Appreciation Post #2: Filipino Support Group

Hello again, bookish friends! 🙂 I’m back again with the Appreciation Post Part 2. If you missed the AP Part 1, you can visit it here. Anyway, this group is much smaller than the first group I introduced. Small it may be but their love for books and bookstagram is as large as everyone. I hope that makes sense.

Again, I was the last one to join the group. What is it with me and joining last? -_- We have the same reason in forming the group: discussion about books we’ve read and plan to read, beating Instagram’s algorithm, and spreading good vibes.

These people are my motivators (they are not aware) and one of the reasons why I’m still bookstagramming. Are you ready to meet them?


Here they are:


(1 abbygoreads, 2 thebookmaiden, 3 jesyshelf, 4 muggleboooks, 5 amongthetomes, 6 bibliophilemish)

I’ve been friends with Tin and Jude for years, they were with me even when I was just starting bookstagram. The others, I met along the way. I’m so happy to be with the same group as them … I hope they are happy to be with me too. Nyahaha.


I kept it brief, again, so you can go and visit their profiles. You’ll not be sorry since every post from them is worthy. (Ooohhh. That rhymed!) Go ahead and give them some la la love.


Appreciation Post #1 – PH Bookstagrammers

Hey ya! With all the hate and negativity spreading around especially on bookstagram … I felt like we need something positive. With that, I decided to dedicate today’s Sunday Extra to show my appreciation with the people I met on Instagram.

Our little group consists of sixteen drop-dead gorgeous ladies, including myself. Our group’s purpose is to beat Instagram’s algorithm, to help one another to get a better Engagement, and of course, to share our values in life or something like that (in short chikahan lang ganon).

But for me, they are like my sisters … ready to help me and back me up whenever I’m in need. They are like my ray of sunshine *eehhh*


Without any more stalling … let me introduce them to you:


(1 throneofreaders, 2 bibliophilesoprano, 3 thehogsmeadereader, 4 literaryhues, 5 ayreadbooks, 6 lostinafictionalworld, 7 paperimaginings, 8 oldbookpages, 9 witchlingbooks, 10 _thereadingdove, 11 thesetrappedwords, 13 bibliophilemusings, 14 thequeenreads, 15 stylereads_, 16 thenocturnalfey)

I was the last to join their group but I immediately warmed up since they are all nice and were genuinely happy when I joined … I hope. Also, just take a look at their accounts. You’ll surely see how much effort they put to their pictures. So if you please, visit their accounts and give it some la la love. ❤


I kept it brief and just showed their accounts … probably because you’ll be bored with whatever cheesiness I might write and skip this post. So yeahhh … heheh.

Spread the love, book-friends! See you next Sunday for the Appreciation Post Part 2.


HAPPY SUNDAY, MON AMI! I’m back again with my Sunday Extra. Today is all about my favorite bookstore, Fullybooked. It has many branches all across the Philippines but I am so lucky to be living near the bestest branch ever.


It is located at B6 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City Taguig. Or you could just visit here for more information about where the branches are located and their store hours.

I didn’t take a picture when I entered the bookstore because it’s been so long. I just went straight to the second floor where my favorite genre is located. The first thing you’ll see when you go up is this:


When you turn right and look over (I don’t know what it’s called) you’ll see Mr. Whale. And that’s what it looks like on the first floor. Some of the best sellers are located on the first floor and Haruki Murakami books.


When you turn right again, you’ll see this:


Even from this view, I could see my favorite section. There it is!!!


If you look closely enough, you’ll see A Court of Mist and Fury, the Lunar Chronicles series, and other books we love. I could stay in this section for two hours, admiring and reading the blurb of every book.

When you walk again to the right, there are more books. From young adult section to contemporaries. And also these comfy chairs for when you get tired and want to rest. I personally think that these chairs are dedicated to my Mom whenever she waits for me while I browse books.


I went to the third floor where Starbucks and the classic novels are located. But my main purpose was to take a picture of the beautiful Cat Lady who guards this bookstore. Aside from the books, the comfy chairs, and the perfect ambiance of the place … I think this Cat Lady is my favorite of all. Dang, girl. Eyebrows on fleek!


Aside from all of I mentioned above, the staffs are nice and very accommodating. They’ll help you find the book you have hard time finding. They will even suggest transferring a copy from other branches whenever they don’t have the copy of the books you’re looking for.

This is such a nice place, isn’t it? In the future, if they somehow offered a place for the bookworms to sleep (like a mini apartment) I’ll definitely be the first one to try.

So that’s it with today’s Sunday Extra. See you next week. 🙂

Penguin Little Black Classics

Bonjour, mon ami. I have added another weekly post on my blog to spice up things but mostly because I always ran out of ideas on what to write about. These posts will be uploaded every Sunday at 9 PM. These are just some random things I wanted to share to everyone, may it be about my favorite bookstore, the books I found interesting, what props do I use, tips, and other whatnots.


Let us start with these tiny books I found hiding in the corner of my bookshelf. I remember buying these because they are cheaper than the typical YA books. Also because it says “classics” and I’ve been wanting to read classics ever since I’ve watched the movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

What I have are these three:

1. The Tell-Tail Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

‘Presently I heard a slight groan, and I knew it was a groan of mortal terror … the low stifled sound that arises from the bottom of the soul.’

Stories about murder, mystery, and madness, portraying the author’s feverish imagination at its creative height.


2. The Old Man of the Moon by Shen Fu

‘Our passion was so great. Will the Old Man understand and help us once again?’

The Old Man of the Moon is Shen Fu’s intimate and moving account of his marriage – from early passion to the trials of poverty and separation – and his great, enduring love for his wife in eighteenth-century China.


3. How Much Land Does A Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy

‘Although he feared death, he could not stop. ‘If I stopped now, after coming all this way – well, they’d call me an idiot!’

A pair of short stories about greed, charity, life and death from one of Russia’s most influential writers and thinkers.

The other reason why I bought them is because of their size. Just take a look at how small and thin they are! I can carry these three wherever I go without worrying about the space their going to fill up. That’s pretty much the reason why I bought them.

According to Goodreads’, there are 126 books like this. Ha! I have three … 123 more books to go.

Bookish Candles Part I

Life update! I’m addicted to candles.


I’ve been wanting to buy bookish candles from different Etsy shops but when I’m ready to pay … I was stunned by how expensive it is! The shipping to the Philippines is as expensive as the product. Yeahh. A total buzzkill for someone who loves candles.

BUT I recently found out a shop that sells handmade bookish candles, The Book Flame. I actually found it even before it opened. That why, when they said that their products are ready … Can you guess what I did? Uh-huh. I immediately went to their account and ordered these two: Sherlock and Rysand.

Sherlock smelled like green tea and jasmine. Rhysand smells like ocean breeze and eucalyptus. I’m totally addicted to the scent of Sherlock. I feel like I’m inside 221B, drinking tea. Rhysand, however, make me feel dreamy. You know … I could just stare at my ceiling, daydreaming.

I’m thankful for this shop for providing a way for me to feel closer to my bookish boyfriends.

I have to confess something.

If you’ve noticed, I was gone for almost half of the year. No posts, no new ideas, no books read, no updates, no new pictures. It’s just … nothing. I disappeared. I was gone missing. And it has been the messiest months of my life. It sucks not being able to do the things you love to do. It’s awful to see my blog untouched for that long period of time. I haven’t even checked my emails! I am totally the most horrible person right now.

I love reading and it pains me to see my books unread. I love writing and it hurts whenever I tried to write and I just can’t write anything.

It’s the worst reading year for me.
Also the worst writing year for me.

The Most Horrible Person Who Can’t Read and Write award should go to me.


Of course, I am totally kidding. There’s no such thing as that award. And I’m not that totally horrible. I’m like 80% horrible most of the time.

But it’s true that I was gone for a long period of time because of thesis and projects. If I could drown from my school works, I would still be drowning here right now. It’s true that when you want to gain something, you have to sacrifice something in return. And that’s me denying the fact that I can’t professionally manage my time.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut …. I am happy to say that I AM BACK!