CTC in Philippines. My first book signing.

National Book Store was the one organizing the book signing tour of Christine Brae, Tarryn Fisher, and Colleen Hoover. It was my first time to attend a book signing event. Weeks ago, I can’t decide whether to go SM Megamall or SMX Convention Center. But after days of deciding, I’ve decided to go to SM Megamall and meet some bookstagrammers.

The night before the event, I saw a group in Facebook about CTC in the Philippines and joined. There were a lot of complaints regarding the event and the admins. Unfortunately for those people who arrived way too early, SM doesn’t approve them to camp outside the mall. So some of the people took the initiative to create a list and organize the lines. Actually, I don’t care about all of those things! Because I’m too excited and too nervous to deal with those people. Unfortunately for me, I was too excited that I didn’t sleep.

My Mom and I arrived at SM Megamall around 3 AM. Thank God because Mommy Jenna was already there with Ate Arra. Minutes later, Tin and Ate Lei arrived. Around 6 AM, those admins who created the list, roll called us before creating the line. Hours later, Ate Eunice and Ate Jovel arrived. I was so happy to meet them! And I was really shocked to find out that it was our first time to meet everyone but we acted as if we were friends for years! OMG. I love those ladies.❤

Anyway, we waited for another four hours before entering the mall. I was so tired and sleepy but when I saw this …


All of that sleepiness melt away. Someone from the staff (I think), told us that we can only have five books per author. And I have eight books of Colleen! EIGHT BOOKS! (But fortunately, I managed to get my all of my books signed) Anyway, my number on the list was 99 but when I finally registered …

Well, I didn’t really care about those because … I. Was. So. Excited! We waited again for four more hours before finally meeting these beautiful authors!

They were being interviewed and I was having goosebumps every time Colleen spoke! Goodness. The feeling of excitement was palpable! The crowd was cheering so loud and the feeling was just … overwhelming! I can’t really understand what they were saying because my heart was beating so fast! After thirty minutes, they finally started to call us by batch.

When the time finally came for us to stand, I was barely breathing! When it was finally my turn for Colleen to sign my books … I think my heart stopped beating and I stopped breathing! There were two things happened to me:

  1. When I asked the assistant about giving something to Colleen, my English was fluent and my voice sounded so calm
  2. When I finally talked to Colleen … I sounded so awkward and I stuttered and OMG it was so embarrassing!

(And I’m going to include the blurred and awkward photo of me and Colleen)


What I gave to her was the poem I made. I didn’t get the chance to use the script I made because I was stupefied! But when she said, “You’re so sweet.“, I was like this on the outside …


But inside, I was like …


I was just so happy to finally meet her! I just hope she read the poem I made and I hope that it makes her happy! All in all, tt was such a fun experience and I’m definitely going to go to this kind of events again. Not only I was able to meet Colleen and get my books signed but I was so happy to meet these beautiful people too.