Well, hello there! I’m Angela, a bookstagrammer, and blogger from the Philippines!


I know, since the last few months, this page has been empty. I was trying to come up with how should I introduce myself. I was thinking of creating a poem but it was too hard and my brain’s too worked up these past few days. The least I could do is to let it rest.

So I’ll just write facts for you to get to know me.

  1. I used to hate books with third person POV. It changed when I read Harry Potter.
  2. I am always undecided on how to rate the books I’ve read. Actually, I’m always undecided on many things: what to read next, what books to bring, what to buy …
  3. I recently started loving candles. Now, I’m pretty obsessed with them.
  4. I live for coffee. I love Starbucks’ Chocolate Chip Cream and Chai Tea Latte. I also love instant coffees. I just love coffee.
  5. I take bookstagramming seriously. I brainstorm once in a while to know if I want to continue the theme that I’m using. I look for inspiration on Pinterest for 5 hours. It’s basically I do besides reading and watching.
  6. I used to think that rating and reviewing books are nonsense, a waste of time. But that was before. I now know that one way to help the writers is to rate their books on Goodreads or Amazon. One-liners are good too! I dedicate this blog to them. To thank them for giving me an escape from this buzzingΒ reality.

These are the things that I came up with. It’s just six but I think I’ll add more when I want to.Β Heheheheh. Ciao.

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