Appreciation Post #2: Filipino Support Group

Hello again, bookish friends! πŸ™‚ I’m back again with the Appreciation Post Part 2. If you missed the AP Part 1, you can visit it here. Anyway, this group is much smaller than the first group I introduced. Small it may be but their love for books and bookstagram is as large as everyone. I hope that makes sense.

Again, I was the last one to join the group. What is it with me and joining last? -_- We have the same reason in forming the group: discussion about books we’ve read and plan to read, beating Instagram’s algorithm, and spreading good vibes.

These people are my motivators (they are not aware) and one of the reasons why I’m still bookstagramming.Β Are you ready to meet them?


Here they are:


(1 abbygoreads, 2 thebookmaiden, 3 jesyshelf, 4 muggleboooks, 5 amongthetomes, 6 bibliophilemish)

I’ve been friends with Tin and Jude for years, they were with me even when I was just starting bookstagram. The others, I met along the way. I’m so happy to be with the same group as them … I hope they are happy to be with me too. Nyahaha.


I kept it brief, again, so you can go and visit their profiles. You’ll not be sorry since every post from them is worthy. (Ooohhh. That rhymed!) Go ahead and give them some la la love.


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