Top 5 Books That Made Into Movies

Hey ya, friends! So I just found a whole list of Top Ten Tuesday in here. But ten was too much for me so I’ll be using these topics for my Top 5 Wednesday instead.

Anyway, isn’t it amazing when the book you love came to life in a form of movie? You can see your imagination on the big screen, actors and actresses portraying your favorite characters. The best! So here are the books to movies that I chose. 🙂


Harry Potter series

Who hasn’t seen Harry Potter franchise? Tell me then I’ll give him/her a copy. Because if I have a list of favorite movies, the movies from this series will always be on top. Though there are parts I wish that made into this movie as well like Peeves. Nonetheless, this series will always occupy 99% of my heart. I actually reread the books and rewatch the series every year.


Gone GirlGone Girl

I haven’t read the book. I know that I should be reading it before watching the movie but I can’t help myself. I saw that Ben Affleck was the main guy then the next thing I knew, I was watching the movie. *shrug* Well, I ended up loving it. I thought it was genius and crazy. Oh, and creepy as hell.


The_Maze_Runner_posterThe Maze Runner

So for this one, I watched the movie before I read the book. Which I shouldn’t have because it just ruined the good points of the movie. The book was meh but the movie was epic! Not just because of the three guys, especially Dylan O’Brien, but because … yeah … it was because of the three guys.

Though the movie was great … greater than the book.


percy-jackson-poster.jpgThe Lightning Thief

This is the same scenario with the Maze Runner. I watched the movie before I read the book. There are some parts missing but the movie was great.

And also … yep, you’ve guessed it! Logan Lerman yaw!

I vaguely remember the details from the movie but I know it was amazing because I’ve watched it several times before.


Lord of the Rings

As for this one, I haven’t ready any of the books. But I wish I did because it would be nice to be part of this fandom. So I watched the movies instead. I was so happy because it was three hours long! I spent my whole day binge watching this. Then The Hobbit came out and I binged watch that too.


I think you’ll recognize the movie listed above, especially Harry Potter. 😉 Also, there are great book to movie that will be released this year. I’m particularly excited for the movie adaptation of The Murder on the Orient Express. I’m excited to see the actor for Hercule Poirot, that cute little Belgian.

That’s it, then! See you next Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Books That Made Into Movies

  1. I’m not gonna lie, I love the Percy Jackson movie. On the one and, I’m like “Cate, you know it was rap” but on the other and it’s like a guilty pleasure. I saw the movie first also- I’d never even heard of the books, and it was the movie tat made me start the series.

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      1. Omg! Vampire Academy. I actually hard heard of that one before the movie. And I was so excited for the movie! Then I found out it wasn’t releasing here so I like scoured the internet for it and watched it on a really dodgy website. I’ll never forget. I remember loving it, watching it again a few days later and I was like “oh god, how could you watch that again?” To be honest, I’ve watched it many times. I do, very much, enjoy the books more!

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      2. OMG SAME! Though I think that after watching it for the 50th time, I decided to grab the book. I finished the series within a week! Have you tried the Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout? It’s very similar to VA but much much better (for me)

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      3. Haha, I never continued! I’ve been meaning to but when I read the first book, I didn’t own the rest. No, I haven’t. Another I’ve wanted to read for so long. I’ve read the first two, maybe three, of the Lux series. That’s all of read of hers. Cool! I know my friend owns the first, I might borrow it! Thanks!

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  2. Great choices! I love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies as much as the book too! (though, I still need to read Lord of the Rings books hehe). I still have yet to read/see the others. I have read Gone Girl but didn’t realized there’s a movie?

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