Penguin Little Black Classics

Bonjour, mon ami. I have added another weekly post on my blog to spice up things but mostly because I always ran out of ideas on what to write about. These posts will be uploaded every Sunday at 9 PM. These are just some random things I wanted to share to everyone, may it be about my favorite bookstore, the books I found interesting, what props do I use, tips, and other whatnots.


Let us start with these tiny booksΒ I found hiding in the corner of my bookshelf. I remember buying these because they are cheaper than the typical YA books. Also because it says “classics” and I’ve been wanting to read classics ever since I’ve watched the movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

What I have are these three:

1. The Tell-Tail Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

‘Presently I heard a slight groan, and I knew it was a groan of mortal terror … the low stifled sound that arises from the bottom of the soul.’

Stories about murder, mystery, and madness, portraying the author’s feverish imagination at its creative height.


2.Β The Old Man of the Moon by Shen Fu

‘Our passion was so great. Will the Old Man understand and help us once again?’

The Old Man of the Moon is Shen Fu’s intimate and moving account of his marriage – from early passion to the trials of poverty and separation – and his great, enduring love for his wife in eighteenth-century China.


3. How Much Land Does A Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy

‘Although he feared death, he could not stop. ‘If I stopped now, after coming all this way – well, they’d call me an idiot!’

A pair of short stories about greed, charity, life and death from one of Russia’s most influential writers and thinkers.

The other reason why I bought them is because of their size. Just take a look at how small and thin they are! I can carry these three wherever I go without worrying about the space their going to fill up.Β That’s pretty much the reason why I bought them.

According to Goodreads’, there are 126 books like this. Ha! I have three … 123 more books to go.


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