Bookish Candles Part I

Life update! I’m addicted to candles.


I’ve been wanting to buy bookish candles from different Etsy shops but when I’m ready to pay … I was stunned by how expensive it is! The shipping to the Philippines is as expensive as the product. Yeahh. A total buzzkill for someone who loves candles.

BUT I recently found out a shop that sells handmade bookish candles, The Book Flame. I actually found it even before it opened. That why, when they said that their products are ready … Can you guess what I did? Uh-huh. I immediately went to their account and ordered these two: Sherlock and Rysand.

Sherlock smelled like green tea and jasmine. Rhysand smells like ocean breeze and eucalyptus. I’m totally addicted to the scent of Sherlock. I feel like I’m inside 221B, drinking tea. Rhysand, however, make me feel dreamy. You know … I could just stare at my ceiling, daydreaming.

I’m thankful for this shop for providing a way for me to feel closer to my bookish boyfriends.


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