January Wrap-Up!

The best way to end the month of January is to share my wrap-up! I’ve read 12 books this month. I’m supposed to read just 9 books but I went ahead and grabbed as many books as I can. Now, I’m 4 books ahead of my Goodreads’ challenge!


There’s a lot of books so I’m going to start! I’ll be including the rating a short review so you’ll have an idea.

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1. Mr. President by Katy EvansRating: 5/5

This book is scorching hot! I totally dig the President thingy. The characters are loveable and the scenes were amazing! There are moments that Charlotte annoyed the hell out of me but Matt Hamilton is bae and his hotness outweighs the whines of Charlotte.

2. Vicious by VE SchwabRating 5/5

This is the third book of VE Schwab that I’ve read. It’s so beautiful! The characters are twisted and it’s freakin’ phenomenal. It’s the battle of who’s the villain and the hero. I have numerous guesses on who’s who. But dang it! None of my guesses were right. I was totally blown away by how it ended.

3. Commander-in-Chief by Katy Evans Rating: 4/5

I was so happy for both of them. They got the ending they deserve. I got the ending that I want. But … it doesn’t appeal to me as much as the first book did. Hence, the 4 stars. I still love Matt Hamilton, though.

4. Our Last Night by Taylor AdamsRating: 5/5

This book is one of those hidden gems that needs to be read. It’s packed with 40% thrill, 30% mystery, 20% gore, and 10% humor. A total of 100% awesomeness and a good read.

5. Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans WelchRating: 5 Gelato/5

I love this book so so so so so so much! I couldn’t find more words on how to describe this book. It just makes me want to go to Florence, Italy. But, you know what? I’m just going to pack and vavooom ✈.

6. Brood X by Michael Phillip Cash Rating: 3/5

I actually loved the concept of the book. It’s just that .. the protagonist, Seth, annoyed the hell out of me. So I skipped a lot of pages and I couldn’t be gladder to finish it.

7. To Fall For You by RJ GrovesRating: 3/5

I loved the first few chapters of this book. I also loved the multiple POVs before I was bombarded by the sudden switch of POVs within the same chapter. The characters are relatable, though.

8. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton & Jodi MeadowsRating: 5/5

This book made me laugh 90% of the time! I’m in love with the characters.

9. Salt to the Sea by Ruta SepetysRating: 5/5

I actually wrote a review for this book so I’m just going to copy some parts: This book is truly exceptional. It felt like I was watching a horror movie by the way my heart was pounding while reading this. And this sentence is clearly an understatement. If you like, please consider screaming, rolling in and out of bed, preparing two boxes of Kleenex (and used them), and sleeping while crying and heartbroken as the substitute meaning for my β€œheart was pounding.”

10. Roomhate by Penelope WardRating: 4/5

4 stars because of the protagonist’s hotness.

11. Beautiful Oblivion (The Maddox Brothers #1) by Jamie McGuireRating: 4/5

I binge read Beautiful series so I decided to read more about the Maddoxes. This book did not disappoint. I did not see the plot twist coming! I was just shocked when I read it.

12. Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers #2) by Jamie McGuireRating: 5/5

I’m not yet done with the whole series but I’m going to say it … THOMAS MADDOX IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!! He just set my expectation way too high and I don’t think I’m gonna love the rest Maddox because of him. Yeah, I’m totally in love with this book.

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SO, that’s it! You can probably guess what are my favorite books out of the 12. *wink wink* I’ll be ecstatic if you’ve reached this part of this post. Congratulations!

I hope everyone had a great reading month because mine was fantastic! How many books have you read this year? πŸ™‚


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