I have to confess something.

If you’ve noticed, I was gone for almost half of the year. No posts, no new ideas, no books read, no updates, no new pictures. It’s just … nothing. I disappeared. I was gone missing. And it has been the messiest months of my life. It sucks not being able to do the things you love to do. It’s awful to see my blog untouched for that long period of time. I haven’t even checked my emails! I am totally the most horrible person right now.

I love reading and it pains me to see my books unread. I love writing and it hurts whenever I tried to write and I just can’t write anything.

It’s the worst reading year for me.
Also the worst writing year for me.

The Most Horrible Person Who Can’t Read and Write award should go to me.


Of course, I am totally kidding. There’s no such thing as that award. And I’m not that totally horrible. I’m like 80% horrible most of the time.

But it’s true that I was gone for a long period of time because of thesis and projects. If I could drown from my school works, I would still be drowning here right now. It’s true that when you want to gain something, you have to sacrifice something in return. And that’s me denying the fact that I can’t professionally manage my time.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut …. I am happy to say that I AM BACK!



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