Red Waves by Shannon O’Connor

Title: Red Waves
 Paula Hawkins
Date Published: January 06, 2015
Publisher: I Heart Book Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781517290184
: 249 pages
Status: Read from December 09 to 16, 2015
Goodreads’ Rating: 4.2
Buy it here: Amazon


Audrey Brown is an intelligent Registered Nurse living in Surf City, USA, who puts her career ahead of her love life. That is until pro-surfer, Chad Slater, gets wheeled into her emergency room and shakes down her formidable walls. But can her sex life go from zero to 69 with an ex-husband seeking revenge for her sending him to prison?

Chad has just the right mix of sexual charisma and determination to make all of Audrey’s dreams come true. This upbeat story includes humorous undertones with nail-biting suspense and enough sexual heat to make you stay up all night reading. Readers’ romantic partners will find benefits, too!

02-my-thoughtsThe author, Shannon O’Connor, gave me a copy of her book in exchange of an honest review.

This book is definitely the hottest book I have read this year! Audrey, the shy nurse and Chad, the pro-surfer. They accidentally met in the hospital after the incident happened at the beach. Or was it really accidentally? Or was it destined?

When I first saw the book, I actually don’t know what the book is about because all I know is how I fell in love with the cover. I was not disappointed because what’s inside is as much as beautiful as its cover! And … Chad is such a babe. ❤ I can’t remember how many times he made me laugh with the way he delivers his lines. He’s just … adorable in every inch of his glorious body. If his looks will make your jaw drop, his personality will make you remove your panties. Lol. I don’t know how to explain it but that is how he made me feel.

But as I go along the story, I started to hate the way Audrey acts around Chad. It’s understandable since their relationship moved from friendship to lovers as fast as a lightning. They are still in the middle of getting to know each other, they are just starting to trust each other and revealing their past little by little but she doesn’t have to be so mean!!!! (I’m biased since I love Chad)

The love scenes were hot as hell. It’s as if I’m watching two people making love through a CCTV camera. I can imagine every single detail written in the book and I feel so violated! BUT … it’s a good violation! *wink wink* Not only the book has amazing love scenes, but it also has mystery and suspense! SERIOUSLY, this book has everything! But the best part of this book is how it made me feel all of the emotions the characters are feeling (every single one of them). I feel scared for Audrey and I feel sad for Chad. It’s as if I’m Audrey then I become Chad. I became sad when Audrey’s sad. I became frustrated when Chad’s frustrated. It’s as if I my emotions are linked to theirs. And that’s just … mind-blowing!


But it ends on a cliffhanger and that’s what saddens me. I WANT THE BOOK TWO NOW! I recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t mind taking a cold shower after reading the book because the book is steaming hot. *whooot*

“Bad language and now I want to molest a patient? What’s wrong with me?”

“I more than like you. I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Author Shannon O’Connor is a registered nursewho lives in Orange County, California. She has four sons and many animals running around, so there’s never a dull moment. In January of 2014 she had very vivid dreams and decided to type the story out, which became a trilogy two months later. She hopes that readers enjoy her stories for many years to come.

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