The Birthright Theft: Unborn by Daniel Gage


Title: Unborn (The Birthright Theft)
 Daniel Gage
Date Published: July 22, 2015
Publisher: Vanquish Books
ISBN: 1515172171
: 338 pages
Status: Read from September 20 to 24, 2015
Goodreads’ Rating: 4.12
Buy it here: AMAZON




Cameron Briggs always wondered what the strange birthmark on his shoulder meant. For his entire life, it seemed he was never meant to be anything special, that is, until the day it happened. Something dormant inside of him awoke.

In the near future, birthright theft is on the rise, a vast network of dealers offering desperate buyers the chance to steal a more desirable next life. Their power and influence is absolute, with little standing in their way. However, unexpected anomalies in the process endow unique abilities to their victims who, once identified, are offered one chance – to save our world or destroy it, one Unborn child at a time.

With the truth shrouded in conspiracy, Emma Jennings, a troubled but strong-minded young agent with a defiant reputation, is determined to prove these crimes exist. But in order to accomplish her goal, she’ll need to find the one victim who can turn the tide of her war.



Unborn is a lot different from what I usually read but found it interesting after reading the synopsis. When I discovered that this was written in third person, it doesn’t stop me from reading it. Usually, when a book is written in third person, I am always having a hard time figuring out what scene they are in, or who’s talking to who, trying to differentiate between which and which. But this book is easy to get used to. The scenes and details are not confusing, apart from the sudden changes with the characters’ POV.

The book is about Cameron Briggs and Emma Jennings trying to stop the dealer whose codename is Dealer X (really, it was funny for me hahaha) from stealing the unborn’s birthright. There’s betrayal, lies and so much action. Though I have to admit it was a slow start. But it did get better! I didn’t actually expect that I’ll enjoy this book. It’s definitely a page turner!!! Especially with the fighting scenes. I actually have a favourite scene. It was when Cameron discovered something he and Keanu Reeves can only do (figure that out *smirks*).

After reading a few chapters, it felt like my head was going to burst because of all the questions: “Who’s Bernard?”, “Birthrights are steal-able?”, “What’s unborn?”, “Why do they this?” and any other possible questions you can think of. The terms were quite confusing and I was literally screaming at my phone, begging it to give me answers. But as I turn the pages, I slowly understood everything. All the questions were answered but I don’t get some of the explanations and I needed to read it thrice before I get it. But yeah, I was hooked and captivated and I want the next book. I want to find out the hidden identity of Dealer X!

If you want something new or you want to know how to cheat death, go and read this.



“It’s nothing personal. You’re just part of the transaction.”


Growing up in a small mountain town, Daniel Gage never saw a television until he was a teenager. Instead, he locked himself in his father’s library and explored the engines of his imagination.

Today he lives in Arizona, and when he’s not watching his very big television, rebuilding a computer, or wagering life and limb, he locks himself in his own library to write science fiction.He is also a technology threat analyst for a company he cannot name, for security reasons.

He is also a technology threat analyst for a company he cannot name, for security reasons.He recently released

He recently released Silo 7 and its sequel Failsafe, set in the world of Hugh Howey’s Silo Saga.His new book, Unborn, is taking preorders and set to release August 15, 2015.

He loves hearing from readers so drop him a line at


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